Writing you imagination with brush or hand is a great way of life . story telling with color is an extraordinary life . with this great hobby one can explore the inner world and also make people to find a new path. this hobby inspires and builds a new energy in life. the journey of painting is not related to any age. once you touch the brush one become younger . painting can start with hobby and make your living too. and it will never retire you from gaining energy. its always fun to play with hobby entire world becomes your canvas . it justRead More →

Education for Health For mental/ emotional health, both formal and informal education is a must, it cannot be teachable but shows the right direction to everyone. Once an individual gets metal stability, he or she can think about physical health. All three are somehow correlated with each other.If someone lacks behind any of this education or he or she does not get proper training, it will cause them mental or bodily diseases. Education for Wealth Education usually gives a positive and sometimes negative impact on individuals’ wealth. The person with communism education will serve for the society and try not to save much for his/Read More →

Defining the ultimate ethnic formal wear for men, the sherwani can be immortalized in a plethora of ways. The top considerations to own it in style are: 1. Colour Dark colours glam up the night time events while light pastels lend a romance to the daywear makingthem elegant without being over the top. Choosing the right colours also spell the make or break in flaunting a sherwani look. Monochromes make you look slimmer and taller while large prints and heavy embroidery is strict no for healthy men. Pastels and white variations are the summer options that can be worn on any event and not onlyRead More →

Right product related to gym always gives you extra motivation even from right hand towel or protein shaker color it gives a extra motivation to hit and win 1.Kit bag choose your bag according to your style , right bag is a important at it keep discipline , like carrying a gym shoe , little extra accessories related to workout , safe area to keep your phone intact , bottle area etc 2. gloves Right quality of gloves gives an extra grip as, it reduces the unnecessary slippery moments , and also boost confidence , one can choose in various colors , shapes and valuesRead More →

I always wondered how some of my classmates topped exams in school and colleges. I also wondered how they manage things with simple products which helped them to the top and make their lives simple, let’s explore things that made them impressive. Planning on books   Good quality notebooks A good pen, box, and bag  Clean and comfortable dress  Good sports tools Workbook  Studying under bright light 1. Planning on Books   Way back in childhood day I had a friend called Bali, I saw him playing but never studying intensely, it was always a surprise when he used to get better scores. To find out I tried asking him many a time,Read More →

Why does tooth get discoloration? There are several reason it happens and they are Foods & drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco, Poor dental hygiene, Several disease that affects enamel , medications, aging, environment etc. What are the ingredients in Himalaya stain removal toothpaste? Pineapple: Contains a natural enzyme, bromelain, which helps reduce stains on the tooth enamel. Papaya: Contains an enzyme, papain, which is a mild whitening agent that helps fade enamel stains. Miswak: Prevents tooth decay by inhibiting the build-up of dental plaque. Miswak also reduces gum inflammation, prevents gum bleeding, and its astringent property strengthens gums. Almond: Rich in tannins, has astringent properties that tighten gums. AlmondRead More →

Men will be men, Tips normally work for a brief period only in the case of men, as they care least about their wellness in the fast growing work profile, but with simple tips and products it can be fine tuned.  and below are some of the tips.. 1. Shoe  Tips to  have  great shoe always on a. Always measure your foot size to get the perfect shoe. b. Buy different  style, always try new brands. c.  Clean & polished shoe always makes a great impression. d. Use natural material over synthetic ones. 2. Belt Tips for a great belt, a.Color of the belt shouldRead More →