Right product related to gym always gives you extra motivation even from right hand towel or protein shaker color it gives a extra motivation to hit and win 1.Kit bag choose your bag according to your style , right bag is a important at it keep discipline , like carrying a gym shoe , little extra accessories related to workout , safe area to keep your phone intact , bottle area etc 2. gloves Right quality of gloves gives an extra grip as, it reduces the unnecessary slippery moments , and also boost confidence , one can choose in various colors , shapes and valuesRead More →

Why does tooth get discoloration? There are several reason it happens and they are Foods & drinks, smoking, chewing tobacco, Poor dental hygiene, Several disease that affects enamel , medications, aging, environment etc. What are the ingredients in Himalaya stain removal toothpaste? Pineapple:┬áContains a natural enzyme, bromelain, which helps reduce stains on the tooth enamel. Papaya:┬áContains an enzyme, papain, which is a mild whitening agent that helps fade enamel stains. Miswak:┬áPrevents tooth decay by inhibiting the build-up of dental plaque. Miswak also reduces gum inflammation, prevents gum bleeding, and its astringent property strengthens gums. Almond: Rich in tannins, has astringent properties that tighten gums. AlmondRead More →