6 Lifestyle Products for Men : click to read

Men will be men,

Tips normally work for a brief period only in the case of men, as they care least about their wellness in the fast growing work profile, but with simple tips and products it can be fine tuned.  and below are some of the tips..

1. Shoe 

Tips to  have  great shoe always on

a. Always measure your foot size to get the perfect shoe.

b. Buy different  style, always try new brands.

c.  Clean & polished shoe always makes a great impression.

d. Use natural material over synthetic ones.

2. Belt

Tips for a great belt,

a.Color of the belt should compliment your dress.

b. Its just not an accessory, its a jewelry for men .

c. Wear it in right length , don’t wear it loose.

d. Make sure that color of your belt is not the same of shoe.

3. Apparel

Tips for  right apparel,

a. Occasion matters for the right dress, wear accordingly.

b. Don’t compare your style with others , wear it according to your comfort.

c. Always try all varieties , don’t hesitate to wear any type of style. you may not know which one is good on you until you try it.

d. A healthy body is always great for dressing , workout for a fitness; experience great clothing.


4. Hair cream

Tips for healthy hair style,

a. Wash carefully, don’t over-wash it.

b. Use good egg based hair conditioner.

c. Let the hair dry naturally , don’t dry it too much.

d. Stay healthy, your healthy lifestyle will give you healthy hair. Take good food and enough sleep with good amount of water intake.


5. Watch

Tips for the right time in your hand,

a. Select a good brand from market.

b. Keep more than one style.

c.  Buy strap material both in metal one and one with leather wear accordingly with occasion.

6. Perfume

Impress with your fragrance,

a. Spray less , don’t spray too much.

b. Spray just behind the ears, wrists, inside of your elbows, and behind your knees, it stays  through out  the day.

c.  Apply it on dry skin,  do it right after the shower.


Hope this simple tips will help you to get better lifestyle.


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