Astronomy : Awesome a Lifetime Hobby

We all like the sky, moon, stars in the sky. If we want to see stars from close, we have to learn astrology. It is the natural science that studies phenomena. In the astronomy, you have to learn mathematics, physics, and science.

Astronomy is the science which can study the laws of natural science. It uses mathematical science to know origin and evolution. This is the science of planets, moons, stars, nebulae, galaxies and comets. Many things may occur in the sky. There is supernova explosion, gamma-ray bursts, quasars, blazars and many more. You can learn about all those things by the astronomy. You can know about the future also by the astronomy.


  • Astronomy can determine the time. Means we can know about the timing by the astronomy.
  • Astronomy is also used for navigation on the seas.
  • Astronomy also accelerated the development of mathematics and physics.
  • In these days, most of the astronomy researches are automated.
  • By astronomy, many people know about many facts. Thus the young generation is mostly attracted to the astronomy. 
  • Thus astronomy becomes an academic subject in these days.
  • In the future, we can compute the techniques of different types.
  • We can see the things on the earth by astronomy.
  • We can also know about harmful things in the sky for the earth by the astrology.

How can learn astronomy

  • You can use astronomy from basic from online sessions.
  • Use the monthly or weekly naked-eye star charts as beginners.
  • Know about the starts conditions and movements from books and observe them. 
  • Firstly you have to start to observe stars and sky from the small binocular.
  • Binocular is an ideal first telescope for its wide-field view and good quality of magnifying glasses.
  • After the observation of some days, you can take a telescope and learn more about astronomy.

Conclusion : Astronomy is the best outdoor nature hobby. You can enjoy your astronomy from the open ground. You can also go to the riverfront or somewhere for astronomy.

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