Cool Hobbies You Can Try in 2021

hobbies keeps you motivated in your entire journey of life here are the cool hobbies which you can try start in 2021 Painting

Painting is one of the cool hobbies which teaches you the word inside you, it gives your inside with color and the flow you keep on canvas , in 2021 you can just pick brush, colors and paper and start your journey of self discovery.


Skating take out your fear with in you and balances you, buy some budget friendly Skating shoes and start rolling . take help to avoid injuries , your injuries are your responsibility. but once you master its awesome feeling.


2021 can you a new way to help your self and your soulmate by learning cooking to some level . it just not improves your personal silks also it ads the value of food in your life .


If you are serious in any topic to help other while you write , don’t wait a single min ..start writing, their are many blogging sties you can start with.


This should your favorite one . don’t hesitate to travel out of your home. make sure you take care of your protection with covid infection . always keep a sanitizer , wear mask, visit domestic places , then national and then you can explore international .


This is a cool hobby, find the nearest swimming club and join . don’t try by yourself if your are a beginner , always take help ,also see if you have any kind of allergy in swimming pool


One can start even with a mobile phone . DSLR camera is also ways and you can always edit in dept. photography is all about drawing with light . so your view may different from other person . keep exploring through your lens. share it on social media

Bird Watching

Watching any thing in nature , get you closer to it . colorful bird flying , sitting on bench , making nest , and many more will relax your life and blend with nature . buy a good binoculars. who know you will discover a new species of bird.


It said that health is wealth . and to invest in your self this year is not a bad idea. boost your immunity through yoga .. its a healthy hobby for body and mind … lots of home apps are available and that can make your life easier. yoga also help in discovering inner you . try this and get blessed by yourself

Learning a Music Instrument

music is god , try to touch it , play it , enjoy it .. and if you try a instrument this year , trust me . you will create your own world . their are variety of instrument to try from like guitar, violin , keyboard and their are also lots of online teaching to help you start with

hobby is that humble word , which is a associate of human life . if you invest in hobby . you don’t need a motivational poster . see you with more interesting hobbies

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