Creative Writing a Amazing Hobby

“Dude, I don’t think I can write. I can’t even text someone properly. Creative Writing is just not the thing for me.” Creative Writing. What comes to your mind when you read the word Creative Writing? Literature. Writer. Published. Blah-Blah. Well, no. That isn’t Creative Writing.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a type of writing where creativity is the lead of its reason via a creative mind, innovativeness, and imagination to compose a story through solid composed visuals with an impact, as in poetry, short story, novel, and some other forms of writing. Creative writing uses emotions and senses to make a solid visual in the reader’s brain. While other forms usually cater to the reader with facts and information about some of the other topics instead of leaving the reader with an emotional intrigue.

What are the Types of Creative Writing?

There is various form of Creative Writing such as:

Poetry :

Poetry is perhaps the most popular form of creative writing. It incorporates different forms under it, haiku, sonnets, limericks, micro-poetry. Song writing is likewise a kind of poetry transformed into music. It follows more like a tune and rhyme, while poetry runs admirably without a rhyme.

Fiction :

If Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings doesn’t pop in your head when you read the word “Fiction,” are you for real?! Fiction is any portrayal where the events and activities are made out of your creative mind. It’s a term that takes under it types like novels, short stories, novellas, or any form. The art of storytelling and the capability to imagine life-like roles has a notable impact on the writing process. Fiction can be depicted in various types, such as adventure, romance, fantasy, children’s books, realism, etc.

Non-Fiction :

Non-fiction is composed of a precise account of something. A few instances of this are diaries, autobiographies, memoirs, history, travel writings, etc. Where’s the creativity here? To arrange the facts and figures in a manner that keeps the readers intrigued does require a lot of effort and creativity.

Script Writing :

Scriptwriting is another type of writing done for films, TV shows, or games. It is often viewed as a freelancing job. Producers often pay scriptwriters or screenwriters to write scripts for a specific idea or concept; screenwriters also develop plots for their scripts and approach producers hoping that they will sell them.

Copy Writing :

Copywriters help curate content for marketing purposes and it is the craft of writing something for advertising and marketing purposes. Creating billboards, pamphlets, catalogs, jingles, magazine ads, social media posts, and other marketing tools is part of Copywriting.

Blogging :

Blogging is one of the most mainstream kinds of Creative Writing. It takes on a wide range of kinds, and it may be about your business or job, or hobby. Blogs are a great option for discussing some particular topic or thing.

How Can You Master Creative Writing? :

No. You can’t master writing. You, for sure, can improve. Given below is a rundown of tips that can help you improve.

Read :

READ. READ. READ. You’ll never find a great writer who isn’t a voracious writer. Reading other writers’ work can help you find writing techniques and open you to ideas that will inspire and improve your writing.

Stick to a Routine :

As a writer, looking at a blank page and managing writer’s block can be frustrating. The most important aspect of dealing with this is to stick to a schedule or a routine. Build up a writing routine and set a deadline. Limit distractions during that particular time to focus more on writing.

Journaling :

Notwithstanding what kind of writing you are zeroing in on, you should keep a journal to record your life observations that can help build a story or something. Your routine life and encounters can give you ideas to write something interesting.

Join a Writing Group :

Beginning a writing group is an incredible way to connect with writers and gain tips on the writing process.

Practice Different Types or Genres :

Even if you’ve found a type of writing that you love, it tends to help you plunk down and work on something that isn’t your genre. If you think your best writing is fiction writing, explore papers or articles. If you are an essayist, try writing a novel and play with characters. Broaden your skillset.

We hope this helps you in the best way possible with regards to Creative Writing.

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