Fish Keeping a Aquatic Hobby


Fishes are perfect for our home. They keep our mind relax. There are the best things to keep fishes at our home. Some people also talk with those fishes. Fishkeeping is a useful hobby for the home. The container in which we can keep our fish is known as the aquarium. We can keep our aquarium in our home, in the drawing-room, in our garden and anywhere.


Generally, fishes grow up in the ponds and lakes. They are in different colours and designs. Thus they look lovely. We can make a transparent container for keeping them. Generally, this container made from the glass. Nowadays, that type of container is available at the market. We can put some water and keep the fishes in them. We can also put some stones which are from the seashore in our aquarium. We have to keep that aquarium clean. We have to clean it every twice a week. We also have to care about water and change that water from time to time. We have to give food to the fishes in the aquarium.

Types of fishkeeping

There are different types of fishkeeping. The types of fishkeeping depend on the origin of the fishes. Some types are-

  • Freshwater

There are some fishes which originated from the freshwater. They are goldfish, guppies, angelfish, etc. these type of fishkeeping is generally in the garden pole. Many fishkeepers create freshwater Squarespace in the garden of the home.

  • Brackish

This type of water is the combination of the freshwater and the seawater. Brackish water fish come from habitats with varying salinity. The gobies, pufferfish, Monos and scats are the brackish water fish.

  • Marine/saltwater

This is the most attractive type for the fish keepers. In this type of fishkeeping, there are attractive, colourful and beautiful aquaria used. The marine fishes have more care and attention to maintain. The marine fish can not live at room temperature; it requires cold water.


Fishkeeping is the best thing to enjoy. Fishes could attach with our heart if they kept in our home. They can also change the destiny of the family members. But you have to do fish keeping under the observation of the aquarists.