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I always wondered how some of my classmates topped exams in school and colleges. I also wondered how they manage things with simple products which helped them to the top and make their lives simple, let’s explore things that made them impressive.

  • Planning on books  
  • Good quality notebooks
  • A good pen, box, and bag 
  • Clean and comfortable dress 
  • Good sports tools
  • Workbook 
  • Studying under bright light

1. Planning on Books  

Way back in childhood day I had a friend called Bali, I saw him playing but never studying intensely, it was always a surprise when he used to get better scores. To find out I tried asking him many a time, but I failed, at last, I went to his home and saw nail with papers, I came to know that he was planning every day, what to do and how.

Planning is very essential for any student and good quality planner helps the student focus on his/her exam goal. The best way is to gift your child a daily planner.

2. Good quality notebooks  

Yes its true, a good quality notebook not only improves the focus of the student but also make it read and write easily if the student is using Inkpen, it is much more useful as the ink will not spread, so next time when you plan for notebooks make sure the quality is good.

3. A Good pen, Box, and Bag 

In childhood day’s pen, pencil, box, bag were as exciting as mobile phones now, isn’t it? I still remember when my friend Nithya use to bring good pencil box and pens, I use to borrow from her, she always uses good pens and she was the role model for discipline in the class, and no doubt the topper too.

The ultimate moral is to use good tools to help us to score and focus more.

4. Clean and comfortable dress

If someone is clean, 100% the discipline level increases, the attendance goes great, and when the attendance goes great, more attentive he or she is. A clean dress makes one confident and motivated to achieve.

5 .Good sports tools 

It’s not good always sitting on a reading table, Sports increase stamina level, which is also the most important part of student life, just buy him or her a football, skipping rope, a skating shoe, bow, and arrow, or a cricket bat. it looks silly but believe it. It will change the way students feel about life. It ignites more respect for parents as well as it balances between study and sports.

6. Workbook 

I was very poor in English and one teacher changed my life, with a simple tool called English workbook. He uses to make us read and write from the workbook apart from the main textbook, we use to know the entire summary of the lesson and at any point of time, we could answer any question. Thanks to that great man who made me learn English and today I am writing blogs in English, thanks to Pithambar sir.

7.  Studying under bright light

Good light matters, low light can kill interest, it increases the sleep mood, in bright light combined with the good quality book will give good focus, next time when your kid reads make sure he gets bright light.

This basic practice will make a student do good not only in the exam but in his or her career also. All the best.

Written by Akhil K V   
Edited by Rekha S C Cherichil.

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