How Mr. Vinay made his own way to inspire others with his hobbies

Mr. Vinay
Vinay.N : Brand Creator & Brands Catalyst

Growing Up I used to Watch Television only because of advertisement and always admired Creative content and Logos.

Dad gets International Bestseller exclusive magazines, I read them and Cut the Logo & images and paste on My room Wall with a caption on it.

Slowly it became the Collages of Logos at my Room and it had almost everything like Bikes, Cars, Fashion, Sunglasses, Perfume and many more.

The Room had transformed as Masterpiece Showroom, My Friends and Cousins had come to know what’s new and It was my Pride.

At that time I decided to pursue my career in Marketing but being in a conservative family Marketing Term was Door To Door Selling, Which was never accepted.

One fine day……

One fine day I got my seniors who were doing a specific course in Marketing to council My Parents, they agreed but the Fee was very high.

I decided to take this challenge and joined the Course and started working for a CA Firm as an assistant, to find the fee and joined Evening College for Graduation.

By the time I completed Graduation and excelled in Financial Accounts, My CA Firm where I was working and Family influenced me to pursue a career in Accounts.

Then Joined a Firm as a Senior Accounts Officer in a Garment Export Firm and worked almost close to a Year. The Quality of people around was all not taking new challenges,

It was more of Day duty job, just do Voucher Entry & Purchase Entry, keep talking to very seniors about their Family Story that really got me frustrated within.

One day My Senior Manager asked to help in his Private part-time Job as well, I agreed since I felt at least I get more knowledge & exposure for other Brands.

.Awarded as TOP RETAIL MINDS – ASIA RETAIL CONGRESS for the Two consecutive years – 2019 & 2020.

By the Regular Job and Part-time work, I could accumulate bit amount and purchased the first bike of my own.. and went to the office in Pride to Surprise my Senior Officer,

He came near the Vehicle and I offered him sweet, he yelled at me and said for my worth I could have bought a Cycle ..I don’t deserve that.

There I felt very disappointed, questioned myself.. neither I’m justifying the Passion towards Marketing nor living with Dreamers. that was the moment decided to apply

for a Job in Marketing., Same day I went to Browsing Centre & started drafting Profile to apply for Job. Browsing Centre assistant started screaming that its late and the Owner

had to go for a Function, they had to close the shop. I requested some more time, later the Owner came and I pleaded for some more time and had a quick chat.

Later he told me come and meet him tomorrow as he was starting the new venture and need Marketing team for it.

That gave a Break and came in the field of Marketing in 2001, later when I went to the office, he told the Product is GPS, at that time GPS was just a Concept in India,

I accepted & started learning about the same, then did Market Research before the Product Launch. Going to small Fleet Operators in Kalasipalyam area to the bigger

Corporates present about the employee safety element and cost-saving on the operation, this was mega-hit. Finally, the Product was ready and did several Pilots got First Mega order,

As a startup then it was difficult to raise funds, but the founder suggested me to take a break as he was also doing the same.

Later based on the Concept Selling and Strategy making gave me to drive within. Then explored me in Automobile Retail, Mobile Media Solutions & Sales Promotions,

Most of my concepts and strategy was a case study recognized worldwide as well.

Always believed credible Brand Relationship can deliver greater results & effective marketing Strategy, We started our Company Brands 2 Brands in 2014,  but it was really challenging than what really we visualized, None had given us an appointment as Companies used to assume we were Digital Marketing & Event Management Company, We started doing loads of cold calls and direct walk-in to build traction, it was tough again.. then decided we had to do something lateral about it, as then started inviting Retail Brand Heads of Various Companies and showcasing what we are really capable of in creating Effective Marketing Strategy resulting Impactful Sales Opportunities.

Our Industry Focus is on Retail Tech & Future City Solutions, we empower Brands through Purposeful Summits, Brand Relationships campaigns and now we have evolved to do the same globally.

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