Poetry for Life – Inner Hobby

There are a billion hobbies you can drench yourself in as the free time approaches. Writing poetry can be a compensating hobby, particularly if you appreciate writing or are hoping to communicate through an alternate medium. This is what will ideally help you on your journey to consider yourself a poet!

Given below are specific exercises that you can follow to develop poetry as a hobby:

This exercise demands you to write a title at the top of your page and afterward make a rundown on the page’s bottom. You may feel the start of a sonnet, or a magnificent line, in one of your rundowns.

> For Frustrations

> Disappointments

> Feeling tired

> Not having time

> Being misjudged

> Not ready to talk clearly

> Having a difference

> Being late

> Feeling sad

> Depression


> The first time… I was terrified when home alone;

> First time I felt happy with crying out in the open;

> The first time we kissed;

> The first time we kissed, and it indicated something;

> First home, the insanity;

> The first time I said, “I love you;”

Jot down your feelings, be it anything. It will help you get ideas for your poem.

Making Similes:

Go through a book of poems you like, and find a couple of similies to use as an impulse. Go somewhere where you can regard nature, people, traffic, or something. Begin writing down similies when you notice things. They don’t need to bode well. Try not to consider what else you would write with them. Write whatever you think of.

Sensory Observations

Poetry is indeed indefinable, yet there are a ton of things poetry can do. It can depict a direction, make a reader see a sight, help you smell a scent, and make something lifeless wake-up. At times, a poet experiences difficulty discovering ways to depict what they need to communicate. This exercise will help you stop and focus on the simple things around you. Go out into the world, and observe. You can do this exercise anyplace, anytime.

Describe a Scene or a Picture:

Either pick an exact spot to notice, find an intriguing picture, and honestly depict all you feel. Remember to include the entirety of the feelings, yet also describe any activity happening. Get bare essential about the details—don’t forget about anything.

A while later, experience what you have written to see what sticks out. Some detail, depiction, or word may be the start of a sonnet. You can also try to write a short poem subject to the scene you pick. Channel your inner poet.

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