Priceless Hobby :Animation

If some one can move a thing with his art. Then u are one of the blessed one. People who love to animate are blessed with extra life

Animation is always seen as a career then a hobby . and the reason behind it is the investment done by the learner is always a on the higher side then the normal education. so in general case animation is looked upon like a career then a hobby

If you feel, animation can become your hobby, the first step is to see some reference , see animated movies and some inspiration documentary.

enroll to some basic animation course and get started , buy a good graphic design with good ram and graphic card , the beauty about animation is your can tell your story in your own way . their is no limitation.

the digital age and given many people to basic animation and tell stories out of it. who know you will become a great writer too while learning animation

the major part of any hobby become a career is its practice and animation too is also about continuous practice .

and their are many more to get inspire from, the intention of this blog is to introduce animation as a hobby and inspire people to increase real time skills and be happy